Why Your Business Site Needs a Responsive Website Design

Why Your Business Site Needs a Responsive Website Design

Why Your Business Site Needs a Responsive Website Design

Is your website’s layout uncooperative and difficult to navigate?

Do your users need to pinch and zoom through it to access important links?

If that is the case, you have an unoptimized and probably, ineffective site design.

Such a design: –

  • Creates an unprofessional image of your business
  • Drives away potential clients
  • Irritates your current customers
  • And ranks lower in search engines

Your website would be one of the first impressions that you leave on your potential client.

Clumsy site designs can be a huge turn off for your clients as they make you look unprofessional.

Avoid these pitfalls by leveraging the power of responsive website design to fuel your growth.

What is a responsive site design?

A responsive site design enables the layout of your website to adjust to the device that accesses it. This feature makes it especially convenient for mobile users.

Elements of such a design that make it ideal for smartphone users are: –

  1. Readable text without zooming in or out
  2. Dedicated space for tap targets
  3. No need for horizontal scrolling

The rise in smartphone usage is forcing companies to consider responsive website design as ‘must-have.’

How does it solve your design issues?

This design ensures that your customers have easy access to your website.They will be able to navigate your website effortlessly without having to pinch and zoom out to see your content.

This design enhances your user experience and improves brand credibility. It also eliminates the need for numerous sites to serve business needs across multiple platforms.

Various other pluses of having a responsive design include: –

  1. Greater traffic from mobile phone users,
  2. Reduced website creation and maintenance costs,
  3. Upgraded user experience,
  4. and Improved SEO ranking 

A stronger case for responsive website design

According to smartinsights.com, more people are shifting to a multi-platform reality instead of solely using desktop or mobiles.  ( Reference:        https://www.smartinsights.com/mobile-marketing/mobile-marketing-analytics/mobile-marketing-statistics/ ).

Inevitably, companies will strategize well to cater to a potential multi-platform audience.  This strategy should involve good responsive design practices to fuel business growth.

In 2015, Google declaredmobile-friendliness to be an important SEO ranking factor. They have added it to their algorithm to optimize their search engine results. So,sites that do not cater to smartphone users will get penalized for the lack of mobile-friendliness.

So, a responsivedesign is not a should-have feature. It has become a must-have feature in the current climate.

Responsive website designs are: –

  1. Cost-effective,
  2. User-friendly,
  3. Search engine optimized,
  4. Easy to scale
  5. and easy to manage.

Let’s attempt to understand how such a design can deliver these benefits.


If you implement this design, you can use one site for your smartphone and website users. Thus, you will be saving money by buying and maintaining a single website.

On top of that, your resources and capital can be utilized for other important purposes.


Responsive website design makes sure that your user can easily access all relevant details quickly. This feature makes responsive sites more popular among the multi-platform majority.

Search engine optimized

Good website design and content that genuinely help users are ranked higher in search engine results. This fact alone illustrates the importance of using responsive design for your business.

Easy scalability

Being flexible in nature, these websites can easily adjust to all new smartphones or other devices launched. These sites can easily scale up or down as required making it an ideal choice for all businesses.

Easy management

This designenables you to reduce your website management efforts.Single website maintenance and up-gradation would save you money in the longer run. That is why such a design is a decent long-term choice.

In conclusion

Staying relevant in today’s cutthroat world requires your organization to look and do good.Aesthetically pleasing websites will always have an advantage over clumsy and unappealing ones.Effective user communication is the best way to reach and maintain your clientele.

So, make a remarkable first impression by using responsive design for your websites.

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