5 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without Images in Advertising

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without Images in Advertising

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without Images in Advertising

Did you know that any ad or post that contains an image gets 94% more views compared to one that doesn’t have any? An image is worth 1000 words. It tells a story within seconds to its viewers. More than 65% human beings are visual learners who understand concepts better with the help of an image.

Now, if you want to advertise your product, do you really think only fancy text will do the needful? Well, unless your viewers don’t see the product, nobody is ever going to remember it. the fact is that an image will attract the viewer to your ad in the first place. If it’s a good one, he might stare at it for longer.

Types of Images Used in Advertising

An ad can have several types of images. These include the following:

Lifestyle Photograph: This would depict how an image is used. They’re common with fashion and beauty products. For example, you’ll find a celebrity wearing the dress being advertised with appropriate footwear and accessories at an appropriate place.

Real Images of Your Business: If you are advertising a service, this is a great idea. A simple image of your office or service providing site with the presence of human beings working and greeting tells plenty of stories of who you are and what you do.

Memes: Today, you have marketers creating memes on several trendy topics. If you create a meme for yours, it might work the other way around too. Usually, a meme will have one comic character sketch or a photo of a popular scene with a joke written in big, bold letters.

Infographics: If your product or service is technical in nature, support of greater text is also necessary. Used more in online advertising, a single infographic is enough to convince a viewer to convert into a customer.

Stock Images: If you can’t afford a photographer, it’s ok. You can buy stock images or even avail the free ones for your ad. These images can be edited with a photo editing app or software to make it suitable for your product or service.

The Role of Images for Your Ad

No matter how witty you are with your taglines, people won’t read it in the first place if you don’t place an image to support it. The human eye is, by default, attracted to visuals more than text that has to be read.

Your image will do more than half the convincing for your viewers. Here are 5 reasons why you need images for your ad:

Attracts Viewers: when you scroll through Instagram, an ad might just contain text on a solid background while another contains a sketch of a famous comic character with a witty and funny tagline next to it. The latter is bound to attract you due to the presence of the character and your familiarity with it.

Highlights Your Product: If you are willing to sell a lipstick but don’t show the audience properly what it looks like, your ad won’t work. Not only do you have to show how the main product loos like, but you need to show its exact color by applying it on the lips of a model or celebrity. That’s the kind of image that’ll highlight your product properly and give you greater views.

Builds your Brand: Whether you use the internet or a hoarding to advertise your brand, the presentation of the ad will speak wonders about how your brand really is. A good quality, well-edited image with a good sense of colors will make your brand look premium and one that sells well. It develops confidence in the viewers about your brand.

Tells a Story: Yes, an image is powerful enough to tell a million stories. It is the reason why people are naturally inclined towards images. Instead of reading, they prefer to see an image that explains itself the moment you see it. You don’t need more than 3 words to support it if you choose a powerful image. In fact, you can do without words at times too.

Makes the Sale: When a viewer looks at your ad, he may not remember the tagline you wrote next to it, but the image has already created an impression in his memory. Thus, when he looks at it again, or even looks at the product only, he’s able to recall it. In fact, an image can be so convincing and strong, that one may be inclined to look up the product right away, especially if it’s an online ad.

So, no matter how good you might be with the taglines, jokes, and emotions, if you don’t have the right image, none of this works. What kind of image have you seen working for your brand?