Why Photo Editing is a Necessity in E-commerce Business

Why Photo Editing is a Necessity in E-commerce Business

Why Photo Editing is a Necessity in E-commerce Business

When you shop online, on what basis do you buy the product? Or, if I put it this way – what is it about the product that you see first? The answer’s the same for everyone – the image of the product.

You’ll want the image to be of a good resolution so that you can see with clarity what you’re buying. Another image that depicts its usage is also very helpful.

So, do you imagine that the brand owner just clicks it on a good camera or smartphone and just uploads it?
No! Even if the image has been taken from the best professional camera by the best photographer in town, it has to be edited before you upload it on the website.

What Kind of Images Work on an E-Commerce Website?

If you look at multiple e-commerce websites, you’ll be able to follow a standard pattern for the kind of images that every product has. Here’s the type of images you’ll see:

Different views of the product with a white background: Images in an e-commerce website generally have a plain white background. There is no texture to this background. In order to get that, the image is edited in a good photo editing software so that it looks natural even after the edit.

Various contents in the box: Suppose, you’re looking for a smartphone. While the first few images will be different angular views of the phone, there’ll be an image of the box and contents such as the charger, earphones and user manual that you’ll get along with the phone.

An infographic to explain the features: Some technical products can use infographic images or some labeling given to the product. Usually, in a white or light-colored solid background the main view of the product is there which is either labeled or has some features written on the side.

An image of how it is used: This is the only image where you won’t find a white background. It is usually a 3D image or a photograph of an advertisement that depicts how the product can be used. So, if it’s a sofa, you might see it placed in a living room.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Edit Product Images for Your E-commerce Site

An e-commerce site, whether it’s your own or a retailer’s, requires images of high quality that can sell your product. When you open a product listing page, you open it on the basis of the image and title of the product. Isn’t it?

These images you see are not just clicked. A lot of photo editing is done at a professional level that helps the brand to achieve the following:

To Improve the Quality of the Image: Even a professional quality image needs editing for background removal, brightening and removal of marks. Usually, they’re clicked on a white background like a white table surrounded by white walls. The textures are all removed, the brightness is improved and any marks or spots are also rectified to make the image look perfect.

To Highlight Your Product: When your image is of a low quality, or is placed on a fancy background, it is will not come to the viewer’s sight. A clear image on a white background is completely highlighted because that’s the only thing the viewer gets to see. As the user scrolls for more, he sees a common subject in different angles, in a package and its usage, which helps him remember your product.

To Build-Up Your Brand Image: The better-quality images you have, the more premium your brand is considered to be in the eyes of a customer. Your product image represents the quality of your brand. The customer unknowingly judges your brand on the basis of how you present your products and services to them. This is because images tell them a story that words cannot.

To Increase Sales: Let me now tell you a fact – your product image plays the most significant role in convincing a customer to buy it. If the user is attracted to your image enough to see more and read the features and descriptions beside it, he is more likely to make the purchase. So, if you really want to boost your sales, ensure you have the best quality image, which only comes with editing.

To Give Your Brand a Competitive Edge: This applies especially to retailer sites where multiple brands are listed. Since you have strict competition there, you have to ensure that your product is given preference over your competitors. This is only possible if your main product image visible on the listing page looks better than that of your competitors.

Images speak louder than words. Without editing, you cannot bring out the best of an image. Thus, your photo editor plays a much greater role in contributing to your sales than the photographer or even the product itself. Don’t you think so?