About Us

Adtechnolabs is one of the preferred service providers

Adtechnolabs is one of the preferred service providers in the technological world of providing complete website solutions. Located in India, the team caters to a wide spectrum of clients, both in the country and oversees. This has resulted in years of steady growth for the organization. Today, Adtechnolabs is a trusted name in the industry as it continues to make strides on the path of advancement. Fostering long term association with our clients by providing them unmatched services has always been something the company believed in.

The team at Adtechnolabs is proficient in the technologies of PHP and WordPress. With the latest and advanced programming techniques, we can customize solutions based on client needs and with precision.

CRM applications are another stronghold of ours wherein we work in open source technologies like Core PHP. Our dynamic industry exposure has made us capable of handling any real-time e-commerce based solution that your organization may need.

The technological expertise of our team, coupled with their experience across diverse verticals, has put us in a position where we can understand our client needs efficiently. The adherence of the team to the company's core values of clarity and transparency has also helped us in gaining the global clientele that we have today. At Adtechnolabs, we go beyond the call of duty and serve our customers with unmatched commitment and dedication.

Here is a sneak peek at what sets us apart from the rest.

Proactive team

What sets Adtechnolabs apart from that of other competitors is its team of proactive professionals. We have a team of dynamic managers and leaders. When you do business with us, these people will invest their time and effort in working in close coordination with your in-house team. The result is the delivery of a product that comes with full functionality and is tailored to the needs of your organization.


At Adtechnolabs, we understand the importance of intellectual property rights protection, and that is why we take the utmost care to ensure your information remains safe with us. All data about the design and development of proprietary software are treated with the utmost care. We guarantee our clients are safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

Value for Money

The IT services provided by Adtechnolabs are designed in a way that can be aligned with the business strategies and objectives of the client organization. We go beyond being a mere IT service provider and help our clients choose the optimal solution for their firm. That way, the client gets the utmost value on the amount of money that he would have spent on the service.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Adtechnolabs, we have a team of experts who have years of technical expertise to their credit. With the amount of experience backing them, they can find quick fixes to the problems that may arise. Simultaneously, we are committed to leveraging the latest development in technology and applications in the field. Our team is encouraged to keep themselves abreast of the latest technological changes. That way, we can provide robust and reliable business systems to our clients.

Cost Savings

We understand that the world of business and technology is one of rapid growth. While designing our products, we keep that in mind and envisage space for it. That way, by doing business with us, your organization will be able to save significantly in the long run.

Our Vision

At Adtechnolabs, we strive to deliver quality services to all our clients.

At Adtechnolabs, we strive to deliver quality services to all our clients. With thousands of projects successfully delivered, we aim to ensure that there is no compromise to the quality as we keep expanding. At the heart of all our strategies and business solutions, lies a people-centric approach.

Adtechnolabs gives a personal touch to all the things that we do and ensures that our clients are comfortable. Through detailed client communication, we aim to break things down and simplify it for our clients.

Adtechnolabs believes that involving the client in the technical decision-making aspect helps bring in transparency in the process. We also understand that our biggest asset is our team of highly competent employees. Adtechnolabs keep their interests in mind and allows them the privileged of a superior work-life balance.

The world of technology is one that is constantly evolving. No matter how challenging this gets, our team aims to keep up with the latest trends. Being veterans in the field, we have a team that is proficient in PHP development in MySQL and pgSQL Database.

The work culture of the place is such that the same team kept up their learning curve. Today, they are proficient in .NET, embedded development, and system programming, as well. Adtechnolabs aims to create a workplace wherein extensive learning is encouraged, and those who stand up to it will see themselves growing in the organization.

Being confident in our technical abilities has led us to be comfortable with being tested. This has led our technical expertise to be accredited by industry giants like Adobe, Microsoft, and others. Adhering to a high benchmark of quality is our vision, and by staying true to that, we have earned our spot as a registered member of the D&B. No matter how difficult the situation may be, we have never shied away from maintaining quality. Delivering top-quality IT services irrespective of what the deadline is remains of utmost priority in the organization.

Adtechnolabs also understands that finance is often the biggest hindrance to an organization’s growth. That is why when an organization joins hands with ours; we pay special attention to details pertaining to cost-saving methods. Our highly experienced team works in close collaboration with our clients to come up with strategies to save money while doing business. We understand that Adtechnolabs can grow only when the people who do their business with us grows. That is why it is our vision to see to it that they grow in a deserving manner.

With an excellent range of technology infrastructure, we see ourselves as an empowered team. To keep up with the dynamic trends of the world of technology, The well-furnished workplace, and the conducive work environment only make matters better for us. Adtechnolabs have very strict coding standards, and with our powerful workforce, we aim to go ‘above and beyond’ in our call of duty. Consistently delivering reliable services is our prime objective. With the honesty and dedication of our team, we see ourselves being a force to reckon in the world of outsourcing technology.

We at Adtechnolabs believe that business is two-way communication.

Our range of services is designed to keep customer requirements in mind. To improve the services we provide and stay on top of the game, we would love to hear from you.