PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development

Adtechnolabs has a team of experienced professionals who are proficient in PHP. With their out of the box PHP development services, they are able to cater to the diverse needs of these multiple industry domains. Based on the client requirements, we complete the task in PHP 4.x, PHP 5.X or PHP 7.X. Be it enterprise software application, CMS or web applications, Adtechnolabs brings you a diverse range of secure PHP development services. Not only are the solutions offered to you scalable, but the team also sees to it that the implementation is carried out without any error. That is why we are the preferred choice in PHP based web services and business solution development.

Across the industry, the reason for the immense popularity of PHP is the fact that it is open source in nature. Apart from being easy to use, this makes it free in nature. As a service providing organization, this makes things simpler for us as we do not have to pay subscriptions for the software that we use. Naturally, this results in us catering to the needs of our clients at a much lesser cost.

Being open-source also ensures that there is a large family of online developers working on it at any given time of the day or night. These people are focussed on coming up with extensions to meet the dynamic needs of the business world. This makes PHP one of the most scalable website development languages. Also, one would find a good amount of PHP related documentation is freely available online. Thus, we at Adtechnolabs are able to come up with robust websites for your organization without having to worry about legal obligations. This works in your favour and saves your organization both time and money.

However, there is more than one reason why we are able to save your organization’s precious time by switching to PHP. From a technical perspective, there is a sufficiently large family of PHP- frameworks. Our experienced team know just how to make the most of the available range of frameworks and provide the best solution to your organization organization. It is their expertise that allows Adtechnolanbs to deliver quality output at unmatched turnaround times. Our exceptional fast, high- quality PHP services are something we at Adtechnolabs are proud about.

At this point, if you are of the opinion that speed is the only plus point of PHP, then you are mistaken. PHP is one of the most efficient ways of increasing the performance of the system. As PHP operated on a conventional web stack, it comes with the capability of leveraging the Apache webserver. As a result, this allows applications to make the most of MySQL databases. That way, our team of developers at Adtechnolabs are able to come up with bespoke, one-stop solutions to boost the online presence of our clients. At this point, it will be apt on our part to say that PHP improves the speed of execution as much as it aids in the speed of development.

When the team at Adtechnolabs gets a PHP based project, they first try to analyze the complexity of the same. Based on that, the team comes up with the most appropriate methods of execution and implementation. By having an entire team of PHP developers, at Adtechnolabs, we are competent in working with Linux, Apache, MySQL. PHP (LAMP) as well as with AJAX. Based on your business needs, our team upgrades the manual process to come up with an automated application development system. Again, this saves us a considerable amount of time and cuts down our operational cost by almost half. We, at Adtechnolabs, ensure that the profit made here is shared with our clients, and that is how we are able to offer you services at competitive industry rates. Our services have no hidden cost involved, and you need to pay just what we had settled for.

Our professionalism extends to more than just offering you the best services at the best rates. We also ensure that you can be as involved in the development process as you like. If you want, we will be glad to share the work status and other reports with you on a daily basis. We will also ensure that you have access to all types of development resources like freeware scripts, forums and blogs.

The reason why we at Adtechnolabs operate in Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is that this allows us to separate the GUI of the development cycle from that of business logic. That way, our developers are able to have better control of the situation and give you a more stable performance base. Thus, if you are looking for a PHP based highly functional web application, you will be able to make the most of Adtechnolabs’s range of services.