Power of HTML

Power of HTML

Power of HTML

In this topic, we’ll cover: Email Newsletter Designer Studio, Exporting HTML5 and .PSD to HTML.

In general designers opt to create their designs firstly in Photoshop. Photoshop is basically a well renowned software used to suffice purpose of creating creative designs and do stuff like photo editing. Designs can be created in various formats via Photoshop. The most preferred format by the designers is .PSD since it can save multiple layers which ease down the process of editing and designing. .PSD is the default file format for Photoshop.

All you have to do is to send us high resolution Photoshop design files and we will convert them to a pixel perfect, high quality, multiple browsers compatible HTML5 /CSS3 (Web Pages). We can also handle designing a layout for you if you don’t have a design ready or theme available. In case, if you have designs in other Photoshop formats still you can send them and we will easily manage to create HTML5 code out of it however in general .PSD format is standard since it is a layered file and coding becomes easy.  HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is a popular method and powerful language for coding web pages.

When we have graphical representation ready it gets easier to create quality code out of it and with Photoshop we can come up with the creativity we desire to incorporate in the designs hence converting .PSD to HTML is preferable and apt way to create web pages.

If you are thinking to use HTML5 for email marketing purpose then we have got the best solution for you. We can convert your .PSD files to email marketing templates through crisp HTML5 coding which you can use for running your email campaigns without any flaws on any email marketing platform and email client.

Further, we have designed a user specific tool/studio/product/facility which helps to create customized newsletter templates. You can simply login, do design in the studio via variety of layouts and options with easy to use, format and operate buttons/tabs/options and export entire newsletter design along with HTML5 code for it which comes with wide range of cross platform compatibility i.e. you can use the code on any email marketing campaign/platform or email client and it would be compatible with different screen resolution supporting web and mobile view.

Also the tool can be customized to suit your business and technical needs, if required. Not only you can use the tool for your business but you can also use the tool for your business purpose to do designs and extract HTML5 for your clients. Upon a request, we’ll be able to show you video demo of the tool we have developed for creating newsletters and exporting HTML5 of the newsletter.

All that we code here is based on the standard parameters universally set for the coding and we strictly follow the same, furthermore the coding will be SEO friendly, user friendly, web and mobile compatible. Contact us to enrich your experience through our high quality .PSD to HTML5 conversion services and customized email newsletter designer studio/tool with HTML5 exporting support.

If you have any questions or you need any further details or information then email us at: [email protected]